Wednesday, September 9

New stuff man

I have been a bad blogger, but a good home owner, I swear! I have been painting and stripping paint and fixing things like I get paid for it! I will show you soon, going with creme in the dining room, I know, two shades of green, and three gallons of paint later...anyone need some lovely green paint? Oh well, we were inspired by a restaurant we like...

I have been working though, I am inspired to paint this lady, and I made this pattern. I call it The Alpha Sexon Cluster, after a poem that O wrote for me when we were first dating. It is about an astronaut who goes looking for the rarest flower in the universe...also this is my first repeating tile. WEEEEEE

click to make it larger!


  1. Wowsa! Repeating tiles kinda flip me out. You have such amazing sense of pattern and texture.

    I can't wait to see pics of the house. And don't feel bad. You can't go wrong with a warm neutral.

  2. Michelle,
    your pattern is amazing and inspiring!

  3. That photograph is outstanding. What a compelling subject that woman is. And the Alpha Sexon Cluster is very cool. Congratulations on executing this so well.


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