Monday, September 21

Round these parts

My progress last week, this photo was taken today, we had to bbq on the front porch for our housewarming, since it rained all weekend, and is still raining. I had to run outside when it was dry for a few minutes today just to capture this. Let me just say area schools are closed due to so much rain and flash flooding, and it is not going to stop this week, yikes. Those house numbers almost fell apart as we were installing them, from Lowes, they only cost 5 bucks each though, I am waiting until one day we can get Neutra numbers....oh baby.

Done with the dining room too, well, almost, that stupid blue tape DOES NOT FREAKING WORK! I am always having to go fix up areas, wth! Does anyone else have this problem? am I using the frigg'n tape wrong? I am in my mind to write that blue tape company a letter, strongly worded and everything.

So today, anxious doggy, and Mociun dress, great, but in my opinion, a dress with that much gathering should have a better drape, heavy cotton is not the best option, it just sits there, I can take out a coffee table top with this thing on, drape is important dude. And some new and old work, and inspiration in my office.


  1. Those coffered ceilings are amazing.
    No. Blue tape does not work. It sucks. I'm just lucky that my mom has this insane ability to do trim work without taping. She is amazing.

  2. you're so right. blue tape is pretty half-ass and causes more heartache than happiness. good luck with that, i have no fabulous secrets (other than don't leave it on a recently painted wall for too long, it will pull of the paint).

    love the outside color!

  3. You are absolutely right -- the blue tape does not work (no matter what any of our contractor friends say)! And because of this, I'm now a sort of expert on painting trim: I use a 1 inch angled brush and go reeeeealllly slow. :-\

    Your home is absolutely lovely!


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