Wednesday, September 30

Our future, part One

Something strange is happening to me...I want to live here, right now, this second, and I want to be riding a horse around the place, and then come back to my studio and paint my heart out, and make things all day long, and have enormous parties. I want this so bad I just called O and made him promise we would have a meeting about it. I want it so bad that I am putting it on our project board. I want it so bad I can live in a small town stuffed full of conservatives.

Can you dig it? 30 acres baby, 4,500 square feets, and a barn, and a vinyard...2.5 hours away from historic Washington Georgia. This is the 4th time I have been to this website, because I can't help myself...


  1. Can I come to one of your parties? It's beautiful.

  2. that sounds about 28 acres and 3,000 square feet to big for my taste in a home, but i'm with Miz November and would never turn down a party invite ;-) ha

  3. Beautiful! I can totally dig it, I visit this website frequently,... check it out, you will LOVE it!!

    :) jessie


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