Wednesday, September 16

Check it

Dude, the blogger is acting strange, but I just saved this inspiration photo cuz this is sooo happening in my dining room. Except I am thinking more setee, less couch with longer legs, got me? Lounge and eat at the same time. It is going to be sweet. (I have noticed that the way people talk in my neighborhood is rubbing off on me, I have the Leage of Retired Gentelman's Club next door, and they get together to yell at eachother, affectionatly, and putter around and fix the 25 or so lawn mowers on my neigbor Ed's lawn. Yesterday I almost fell off my ladder, and this was my internal monologue: "Damn girl! You 'most fell off that ladder, and girlfriend is afraid of Heights! mmmmmmaaahhhh...")

This is what I want, I got the brown and white, and next comes the creme curtains, looks nice no?
Image via Pearl Street Interiors, I have been glued to the archives dude, and I still need to eat breakfast ( that leftover coconut cake from last nights celebration that I finished the first coat on the front of the house doesn't really count, even if Coco ate all the whipped creme, don't tell O).

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  1. I love that dining setup. I've always wanted that for my dining room but just don't have quite enough space! Maybe our next house :)


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