Monday, September 14

This old House

This image is inspiring me today, I would take pictures of what is happening around here, hello new roof! Repainting entire front of house, all the siding and windows, whew, almost done with that. Oh flap it! Here you go, photos of what is going on around the house, wanna advise me?

This is our brown bedroom, it just needs me to take some more rugs out of the rug spa to cover that carpet, momma don't like wall to wall carpet, nope she don't. Can't you just see a wall of pictures above my desk like in my inspiration?

And, I gotta put some curtains up, don't you think, I do. I have about 15 yards of pretty creme thick linen sitting around, that should do it, it would soften the room no? Ohhhh! and I forgot to tell you dears, that there is my steal of the century chair. It is a Room and Board beauty that I got on Craigslist for $250 (it includes the ottoman, excellent condition, almost new :)

Speaking of deals, I got another one for you. Our kitchen is kind of lacking counter space, so I needed something that would double as more space, and a place to chow down, cuz I like the eat in kitchen, (mostly I like O to hang with me while I cook, so there you have it.) I found this Dacke kitchen thingy at Ikea's as is section cuz it was missing the back panel for way cheep, don't remember, maybe $200? Life saver, but heavy as a mo fo.

And finally our dinning room, we are doing creme and cafe au lait. Can you tell that the ceiling is bright white, while the paneling is creme? How do you feel about that? (that spot right there to the left of the mantel will some day be a set of french doors that open onto the living room.)

Our living room is still a way station, check out the loading dock for our tools...

While we are at it, might as well, show you the front work station. I really wish I would have taken photos of before and during, before this point, when all the paint was stripped.

I just don't think you can appreciate how horrible those windows and siding where, I mean, siding falling off in long curls or chunks all over the place, and the window ledges were not identifiable as wood, at all. Now look at them!

Can't wait to be done with this, that window is much higher up that it looks, how about a flower box under that thing?

Our new roof: the lightest color that would go with our home colors, but maybe it doesn't go, don't know. Light roofs are more energy efficient by far, so there you have it, but a burgundy roof would have looked nice too...


  1. Your house looks lovely (even tho you're in the midst of scraping, taping, painting, etc and it prob doesn't feel so great)! Would you mind sharing what paint color you used for the bedroom--I am trying to find a soothing brown for ours and that color looks perfect! Thanks, jr_designer

  2. Hey, I used Valspar Brown Shutter, satin finish :)

  3. I *love* that cafe au lait color in the dining room. Do you have the brand and name for that paint? I'm going for a slightly lighter color in that same tone for my dining room.

    What great progress you are making on your house, love your blog! (And Alan Rickman)

  4. C! I used Valspar brand paint, cuz its the only one at my pathetic Lowes, but the color is Laura Ashley Taupe 5, in satin. This color is actually a bit lighter in real life than it looks here.

  5. The house is looking amazing. I love the colors you are working with. And I totally know how tough it is to work on an old house. You are doing an amazing job. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I rather like how the color of your new roof complemented your old blue siding. I think they matched up pretty well! Alas, that siding had to go too. I think your roof looks great, actually! That color is quite cozy and welcoming. What color was your new siding in? I hope it matched the new roof as well as the old siding’s color did!

    ~ Minta Gatlin

  7. I agree with Minta! The roof looks great! It looks like the siding has seen better days, but I really like that color though. Were you able to change your siding immediately? And how have all your renovations held up over the past few years?

    - Rodney Orton -

  8. Wow, that siding has taken a lot of damage, hasn't it? I'm sure you were glad to finally get that replaced! When you say you also replaced your windows, did you mean the actual windows or just the frames and ledges? The windows in the pictures look new to me though.

    -- Lorilee Sigler


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