Thursday, September 24

Drunk with inspiration

Ok, I took my break for a few days, now I am ready to get back into the swing of fixing up the house. So, I recently saw this image again, and I have seen a kajillion times, and every time, I think, "damn straight, that room is kick'n"...or some such nonsense. As we have come to learn, my internal monologue is actually about 14 years old, and quite a pimply young man, if I say so myself. Anyway, things that work:

1. Orange couch, hello, totally gonna happen over here, except darker, and in velvet, or something.
2. I love that beige-peachy-lighty wall color, nice
3. Mercuried glass, hell yes
4. Cloud photo in simple frame, check (I have one, and I plan on blowing it up and framing it just like that.
5. X benches? yes please
6. There is an elephant my dears, so it has to be sent from the powers that be just for me.
Ok, I could go on and on. Suffice to say, Todd Alexander Romano is my new boyfriend, (hehheehhe).
Ok, check out the Coco dog there, and the Coco-bed with ottoman, I can't let Coco see that, she will be sooo bratty about her lame doggy bed (it has a bone embroidered on it, I shuddered just typing that...) moving on. Check out how the dog chooses to lounge on the fur throw, nice.

That is some nice fabric, I love epileptic prints like that.

Ok, back to the matter at hand. So, I chose this color for the living room, Mocha Cream, from Benjamin Moore, I stole the idea from this editorial. I had that thing cut out and in a binder years ago, moving on... Pretty much all of the elements in our living room are in these muted colors, and lets face it, that couch ain't gonna get oranged until something pukes on it has to live in it's beige skin for a while yet. Ok, so pretty much, I am going to blend the images to get my perfect future living room, and I will show you someday when it is done.


  1. love the title of this post.
    can't wait to see what you come up with in your drunken inspired state!!

  2. the light fixture/chandelier in the last photo is amazing!


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