The garden is blooming!

We have panted 15 rose bushes (10 climbing one for the side of the house,) 15 hydrangeas, mostly white annabell, but also blue and purple, and tons of other things. I love my morning watering time. This time last year I didn't know anything about gardening, and the yard was a weed riddled mess. We even have mulberries (I think.)


  1. Hydrangeas and peonies are my favorite flowers! Along with certain roses in a soft lavender hue.

    What flower is that in the very first picture?


  2. thanks michelle! That is an oakleaf hydranea. They are so pretty, and the grow huge!

  3. Fun! You are becoming more of a southern girl every day. It's quite a nice life, isn't it?

  4. just beautiful. seems so inviting.


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