New in my shop

Wanna see some new stuff? Sure you do. It is officially time to shop for Christmas, and I am nothing if not helpful, right?

I am offering up cards with some of my most popular prints on them. These are super special, printed on extra thick, velvety etching paper, with photo quality, extra special inks. They make the colors really pop!

A4 size, blank inside, stamped with my logo on the back. They come in a creme envelope.

I also have some teeny art for the budget art collector. 4x4 inches, and painted all the way around, these oil on canvas paintings are unique and great for a little knook or a book shelf. I have one in my kitchen.

Also, have a series of 12x12 canvases painted in acrylic. Gallery wrap, signed on the back and side. A great gift idea.


  1. These will sell out quickly, I'm sure of that!

  2. beautiful!!!
    i'm loving your blog! I have just given you the stylish blogger award and made mention of it in my recent post :D x

  3. You make really cool stuff..especially love your beautiful calendar.

  4. I have to wait a little while to buy something of yours because of the holidays and the arrival of our little baby, but I was wondering if you would be willing to do a commission piece that is 12 x 12 in size? Pretty please? Hehe :) Thanks for considering!

  5. so much goodness!

    i just bought "starz" for my besty, best friend for xmas.

    she will die.


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