New Bedding

I am trying to make a sanctuary of our bedroom, if you remember from this post. So, even though we will be looking at this bed while we are in New York this weekend, I decided to get some new bedding as the first step in our bedroom cozification.

1. We got a medium duvet and the white with black hotel duvet cover from Restoration Hardware. I admit that I turn to them a lot to buy things that I know will be simple and well made, for the most part. Have I mentioned that I am lazy?

P.S I love my John Robshaw quilt that I bought on sale, in a king size, not a great idea, even thought I stained it pink accidentally the first time I washed it. But it is better for warm weather.

You can see John Robshaw King pillows peeking out. I love them, but I am not sure if they are still made. These are similar. Fun Fact: Mine are the same ones Liz Lemon has. 

2. That pillow was a gift from a designer Heather Plimmer. Isn't she the sweetest? She bought it a long time ago when she was gathering inspiration for the W in Austin, and she sent it to me when she found it in her pillow closet. How cool! I love it, and it is just perfect in my bedroom, it reminds me of Austin, and the fun times we always have there. Thanks Heather!

The bench that will be getting a facelift soon. I am being honest about our home, so this image is not great.
I will also be hitting up Just Scandinavian while we are in the city to scope out some fabric to cover that brass bench that has been sitting around for about a million years. I wish I was flush with cash so I could get a large rug from ABC. But alas, I don't have 50k sitting around for a rug. Boo. I am making a mood board, and I will show you that soon. I want to see the bed first though, and make sure I love it.

P.S. Another great duvet options, in red! Their site is down right now, but I have seen it there before.
P.P.S. Getting a hair cut today! Gasp!
P.P.P.S Have a great day dorks.


  1. Michelle, your master is so cozy and comfortable. Great choices!

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  2. Loving how you share your home, and loving even more how you take us on the journey of creating such a thoughtful , peaceful , creative and warm home. I' m so jealous.... I' m pretty much ADD when it comes to my home. "I lack self control"....There I said it! You are so centered seeming, sticking to one project and see it to it's finish. I on the other hand am very impatient, don't have one clear style ( love what I love) and usually just find a spot for my latest, adored acquisition! It's pathetic, but it's me. It's fun and frustrating at the same time to see how the other side lives! Just love ya! Thank you for being so transparent! How do you keep such focus in such a world full of eye candy? Geri

    1. Thank you! I really just don't like waste, so I wait until I know exactly what I want, and buy only that. Also, I only buy things that I can re-sell if I decide I don't like them. That bench has been like that, uncovered for about a year, b/c the fabric I want is very expensive, so I like to save up, and not use credit. Honestly, I really need a sanctuary, a place to center myself after I come home, because my energy is scattered so hard then. It is a total necessity, and I need things to be neat and clean and have certain colors, so my decisions are sort of made for me :)

  3. looks great...we are in the same "mood." Finally bought a decent coverlet...from Peacock Alley last week. Next, replacing our duvet cover...will check out Restoration Hardware.

    No budget for rugs either. I covered large areas in our house with seagrass and topped with small antique turkish rugs that I could afford. I get the pop of color and softness where I need it...without spending too much.

    Love Liz Lemon ha

    1. What a great idea! I would love to do that in my house too, but my husband will not allow any! seagrass or similar in the house. Its sad. Liz Lemon rules!

    2. Liz Lemon would not stand for the seagrass veto! Ha


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