Saturday, November 10

Lets dream together

Whats your big dream? I thought about this a lot this weekend, and I keep going back to my gut, flash reaction: Adventure! My version is not something scary like mountain climbing, and it doesn't involve weapons. My adventure is traveling, and living. So basically I want to live in different places. I want to live in California, in a city and on the coast, New York City, Europe (Spain! or Italy are my top pics). I also want to do something year long, with the whole family, like sailing around the world, or working on farms in cool places, or working for something know, off the wall, off the grid and new! I could go on and on. But those are the main ones.
Me. Top of the Rock. Last year.
First. New York City. When I was imaging (projecting energy at that visualization and willing it to come true sooo hard) my future life living in the city, I instantly saw what kind of New York living experience I have to have: Greenwich village, something built a long time ago.

I have to start with Chloe's house, even though its in the east village. The proportions of the rooms, the coziness. Its exactly what I am dreaming of.

Oh baby. I am undressing these pictures with my eyes.

Julian Moore's place is also just perfect. I love the windows so much, and the moodyness.

I just want to live this.

Yes, its unapologetically romantic. Other awesome New York experiences:

Brooklyn Brownstone

Two of my faves. The kitchen/living areas are always the best.

Soho loft

So dramatic. So 80's. I love the proportions, and I can't help letting this architecture remind me of the period in New York's history of immigrants, and tenements. Such an exciting concept, the new world, this city of possibility, but then there was the hardness of life. So interesting to think about.

Uptown, near the park. Pre-war.

Kate Spade's place is bonkers. I know it, you know it, and everyone else on the internet. Yes, we have seen these so much, but I want to eye hump them some more.

Weird Modern something, not enough windows, I really don't like this place. I don't get it.


That rug looks like it was a great sale at Home Goods. I don't know why, but I hate it. Along with those weird tiny pictures. I gotta move on.

I know everyone has seen these images a million times, but they are mostly my all time favorite spaces, and I was just noticing the other day that most of my favorite apartments ever are located in New York, and how much I put myself in these spaces.

What is your big dream? Does it involve houses like mine?


  1. I just love your blog! Ok I want to live in Marfa, Texas. I'm a native Texan & lived in Austin for many years-highly recommend it-LOVED--but now we are on the east coast within an hour of NYC which I love. But I find myself dreaming often of the big sky country-I miss it deeply.

    1. Girl, you gotta make that your goal! Marfa seems pretty awesome, and having wide open sky is simply food for the soul. I hope you get there!


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