Thursday, November 15

Gifts for the Girlies

I love giving gifts so much. In our family we don't put much stock into gifts, so we do small things, I usually get my family members something small that I know they want: a bottle of wine we had together, a beauty product that my sister mentioned she liked of mine, a print...You know. My dad always gets a gift certificate to Lowes, his spiritual home. You know that great feeling when you find just the right thing? Share you gift ideas for this year, I would love to have a gossipy, girly chat with you about what sweet little nuggets you have tucked away for your loved ones.



  1. I like to find unique/fun/handmade/kick ass things. Or make something myself! So far I've ordered these villain style goggles for my hubs -

    Also going to make a game of Memory on this site for my nephew using family photos -

    Gonna paint some ornaments for certain fam members, figure a box of 6 original art ornies per person should do! Also, someone NEEDS a bottle of that Octopus wine, love the label! That scarf is too delicious as well, I think I need that!

    1. Holy crap! Those are freaking great ideas!

  2. The older I get, the more I appreciate a well thought out gift. Simple. Small. But thoughtful. I like buying something that people wouldn't normally buy for themselves. That's sort of the point, isn't it?

    1. Yes, its totally the point! I love finding the perfect thing, so fun.

  3. that bottle of Kiehls fragrance....the bottle alone makes me think it might be the ONE for me. i've been looking for years!

    ok, that out of the way.
    i'm miniaturizing my kiddos art and making resin pendants for the grammas.
    Hubs and my oldest are getting a dad/son adventure day tubing/batting cages, etc.
    i'm making a stuffed chair for my toddler. he loves miniature chairs for some random reason! just plops in any he sees like an ol' grandpa!
    making a punched tin tree topper for my own fam and one for my BFF.

    and that is all i got : )

  4. I really want to get my sister a sheepskin rug for Christmas. She's wanted one for a couple of years.

  5. There is an art gallery in a neighboring town that has some amazing, framed, lino block prints I want to send to my siblings, and some hand thrown pottery for my parents. Giving one-of-a-kind pieces from local Korean artists is a way to share the things that I enjoy with them, even though we're 6,000 miles apart. ^^

  6. Thank you for such great ideas! These are all really great.


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