Monday, November 26

You pay for shipping?

I hate being so self promotional guys. Really. I just want to be sure that you know what a freaking great deal free shipping is. Ok, I am done now.


1. Until Tuesday at midnight, you no pay no shipping at my store. Run yall's fingers ya'll.

2. There are more large, vibrant and happy paintings available right now than ever before on account of my working my arse off.

3. I dreamed that I was making out with a big, blonde marine last night, while standing in "lake michigan" and he was wearing a checkered hat. It was fun, don't you love fun dreams.

4. I am picking up Coco and Moxie from the doggy hospital today because they feasted on a bottle of Advil for Thanksgiving. It has been a crazy few days but they are fully recovered!

5. I am offering options for calendars this year. Meet the Sabrina 2013 calendar. She just got a short haircut and you are all what! Who is that bombshell!


  1. i love your sense of humor. you always make me giggle. or is it titter? i don't like that word very much.
    love that calendar!

  2. Free shipping? Good news! Puppies feasting on Advil? Not such good news. Hope they are okay!


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