Bedroom: Josef Frank AGAIN...and again until I gets my precious

O and I are in the process of pimping our little house out again. Pimp my closet is happening this month, we are going to use Elfa, and we are designing it this week. Tomorrow I get to go pick out carpet for it (I like plush, soft caret for the closet, but mostly I am too lazy to deal with installing wood if you must know.) Just wait until you see the before and after, its epic. That closet is a disgrace.

Next up is changing the wall color...again. I want something lighter and clearer, but stark white doesn't really look good in there. I have been sampling like a mo fo. You know what I keep dreaming about thought? Josef Frank curtains...Its all I can see in there. Of course the idea came years ago when I saw this "Outfit to Room" feature in Domino. I can't find a better picture, anyone got one? This is what I am imagining: no pleating, but probably lined. Uh! I wanna hump those curtains so bad.

 This has long been on of my favorites, but I can't spell it so don't ask. I call it Green Bird White Out.

 Navigare has long been a cute one for me. But I am partial to Manhattan personally.

The brown one is Hawaii in brown. I wanted the sofa that Anthropologie made in that fabric sooo bad. I think I may have had a hissy fit over it. I couldn't afford it then, and I have been looking for one on eBay or Craigers since no avail. Whoe Is Me!

The one with the colorful, large tropical fruit sex is called Brazil. I like this one too. A lot. Like more than I should like fruit sex. I think the bathroom one is Hawaii though. 

I am also super drawn to the green on white patterned one. But here is the issue I have with that one: Ikea had a similar fabric a few years ago and some friends used it as curtains. Yes, its pretty, but I don't want to be reminded of Ikea ya'll.

I also love Vegetable Tree. What do you think?


  1. I feel weird saying this but...fruit sex all the way.

  2. Hands down, Brazil.

    1. I totally agree. I really want a chair in the Manahttan though, or...I can never decide which one I love most.

  3. Now you've given me something new to completely obsess over...I think I have to recommend the fruit sex one for you. For me, though, I love the Hawaii or vegetable tree.

    I am dying over that sofa!!!


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