Southern Creatives Social Society

Remember when I said it would be fun if we got some people together in Atlanta to chat about being awesome artists and stuff? Well here is is folks. The image above is a flyer, so drag it onto your desktop and post it anywhere you like, if you want to be cool that is.

Some thoughts:

1. I struggled with the name. I wanted something that harkens back to the old suffragette ladies gatherings, in the old fashioned sounding name. But in the end I decided to take the word ladies out all together.

2. Some folks I spoke to said it should be all women, others said to mix it up. Here is what I want: honestly, a feminine energy is what I am visualizing. But, I don't want to run anyone off. Plus it made the name really long to have "ladies" in it. Also, see photo of man on roller-skates, its inclusive right?

3. Thats right, The Livingston. I chose a public spot b/c its easier for everyone involved. Its a beautiful, very Atlanta place that feels special and it feels good to be in there on account of it being so pretty. Also, its pretty centrally located, and with free valet parking, one less thing to worry about. Buy your own drinks and food, duh.

4. "Lets get together to chat..." I figured we can just see who comes,  and have a nice time being a part of something cool. I am not going to be giving speeches or anything ya'll, cue eye roll.

5. I want this group to be about business owners, or business dreamers in the arts to exchange ideas and make valuable connections, vent and chat and gossip. Designers, artists, illustrators, makers of any kind, photographers, sewers, knitters, get the picture.

Who:    You
What:   First ever Southern Creative Social Society meet-up (happy hour)
When:  Thursday, August 1st, 6:30pm-?
Where: The Livingston in the Georgian Terrace Hotel

Any questions?


  1. Sounds awesome!! Marked my calendar ;)

  2. do i have time between now and august 1st to move to Georgia? damn! i wish i was from the south!

  3. This sounds great - going to try and be there!

  4. AnonymousJuly 12, 2013

    I've been so away from anything exciting lately, I would have love to participate. Unfortunately I live far down at the end of the earth and if you take a right, that's where I live...... :( Hope you enjoy all the talented ladies & the creative energy flying around, .. you just might have to bottle it & sell it :O
    The place looks amazing !

  5. AnonymousJuly 12, 2013

    What a fantastic idea. It's on my calendar & I can't wait to meet all the fabulously creative ladies (and gents)!

  6. Can't wait! Got GPS on my cell!

  7. Too bad I wasn't livin' in ATL no mo'.

  8. brilliant, love the design. Too bad husband already called dibs on that weekend a while back...darn it.

  9. I am just now seeing this, but I think I could actually possibly come to this (there's a chance I might be visiting my parents in Atlanta next week!). Is it open to non-Atlanta residents, heehee...?

  10. Thanks for putting this together! I'm excited to come and love the name.

    1. Sarah, awesome! Can't wait to meet you :)

  11. When is the next one? I missed this!

  12. Fantastic idea! I just saw this post:( I would have loved to join your group last night. When will you be having another Southern Creatives meeting?


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