Totokealo Jewelry Sale Ya'll

I really love Totokealo, have I mentioned that before. Yes, duh. I also love jewelry, and right now they have some truly unique pieces on sale. Lets explore shall we? I am going to buy some of this stuff, its too good to pass up. Plus its so lazy time.

1. All for the Mountain Reina Escalera cuff. Bronze with Moonstone. 276.00usd.

2. Unearthen Pendulum Necklace, Lepidolite/Copper. 320usd.

3. Unearthen Double Ring, Rainbow Bronze 200usd.

4. Faux/Real Sunkiss Support System Double Bracelet, Rose Gold/Silver/Black. 220usd. 

5. INTIQ Tres Lunas Necklace, Wood/Bronze 168.00usd.


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