Keep your pants on

Yesterday was a day that totally didn't count, as far as I am concerned. I couldn't sleep for some reason, and just wandered around the house all night until around 5am when I finally got tired. Awesome. I won't bore you with my current medical (or spiritual or whatever, cuz docs all say nothing is wrong with me) issues. So yesterday went by in a haze of fuzziness, and puttering around the house. I never got around to talking about our happy hour meetup of creative ladies, and I never got around to work of any kind at all. Today is also slow, so just know that I will let you know about our meet-up/happy hour soon. I am thinking August 1st, sound good?

I have a really deep urge to nest recently, and I haven't felt this since probably 2011, when we did all of our remodeling. I guess I needed to recover. I am itching to move rooms, paint, remodel bathrooms, install new closets... I think that I am imaging us as parents more often, now that I am ready to begin the process. I can't help myself but make lists and start setting dates for goals to be accomplished regarding our home, its how I roll. I am working from home today, and its kind of nostalgic. I used to work from home every day and so did O. We had fun taking coffee breaks together and just chatting in our offices. Our lives are so much more hectic now by far, but thats how life goes man, gotta keep evolving. Its just nice to chill for a bit. I have so much chatter in my brain! Shut up brain. Have I mentioned that I am just dying to re-do both of our bathrooms?

Thinking about this today.


  1. yes. remodel! do it! i want to watch.

    you're a nice and good person. i am very fond of you.


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