Thank goodness for today

Today is a day to be thankful of progress and drive in the midst of it all. When you can't see too far ahead but you go forward anyway.

Sometimes O and I (especially O regarding his business) have a hard time realizing how much we have evolved. We are strivers, always pushing and the need to be more, better, faster, smarter never lets up does it? I mean, the more you get, the more you need. It's more important than anything to me to stop and look back and smile and feel content for just a moment. Then wipe that smile off my face and get to work like a fucking boss.

What do you see when you look back?


  1. You'r welcome! Its always good to focus on gratitude when you feel down :)

  2. The first step in every journey (to me anyway ) is the most important....

    Happy Weekend!



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