Monday, July 22

Laundry Room Remodel!

I have been meaning to show you guys our laundry room for a while now. You are riveted, I can tell. You mean the place you clean your dirty underwear? Yes please, let me seeee.

Laundry room just out of site...
Remember when we remodeled our kitchen? Well, we had to wait for a little while before we could finish the laundry room because we were out o monay. To me, the kitchen was not truly completed until the laundry was all finished up. Mostly because it was such an eye sore, especially the hot water heater, just sitting there like a troll. Ugh.

Laundry room when we first saw the home in 2009. The whole house was painted "hot urine."  As you can see, it was just a pass through to the outside with a door that closed it off form the kitchen. I hated that because I wanted to see out to the back yard from the kitchen.

Scott, our contractor's rear. Sorry Scott. Here he is installing our "new" front load washer and dryers. Say hello to the hot water heater troll.

What we did:

1. Replaced our old washer dryer with front loaders (that we bought for a few hundo off of my sis, thanks Linette!) We added a deep wooden counter top from Ikea to create a work surface.

2. Put up a wall between the "utility" or hot water troll/recycling/yard-shit area and the food/laundry areas. Installed shelving with under-mount lighting (which we never use, really). Added doors to hide the laundry when not in use. Its all painted BM Grant Beige, like the kitchen. Same hardware as kitchen too.

Notice the door. It was the original front door to our home. Now we have this one. 
This is what it usually looks like around here. We have a heavy duty storm door,. We also painted the shed a dark green so that it wouldn't stand out when we had the door open, now it just blends into the background.  We love those doors btw.
3. Created a top storage area with pull out shallow drawers for storing things we really hardly use, like the pot O bought for making spinach that is so huge, it hovers over two burners on our stove. Sweet.

4. We recycle, so we needed something that would fit into a very small, read: shallow space. Enter Amazon. But, because we buy so much from Amazon, we needed two containers to hold all of that cardboard and such. So we just stack them. Classy, but it fits and we can close the door and pretend we are all neat and stuff.

How it looks when the doors are closed. I love the hardware (notice we never altered the previous door jam, lazy).

The space is layed out so that we can open the left door, and get to everything we usually need. But we have to open the whole thing to wash clothes, or get to things on the right side. Notice the lighting, sweet. Also, the wooden counter is un-finished due to impatience. 

5. We removed the ceiling flush pendant that was originally in the room, b/c due to the built out laundry area it was no longer centered. Plus, I hate overhead lighting. Instead we went for over door sconces.

6. The rug is from Flor. To my mind, this room is begging for a beautiful, bright rug like this one. But reality is a soggy dog with muddy feet and spilled tomato sauce with a side of yard shit. Thus.

The whole glorious shebang. This is what it actually looks like, right now. No preppy styling for you to be jealous of how neat and beautiful my life is. I can get to everything I need, and I love having my vases up there, all nice and ready for me to grab. 

The only part I am not showing you is the very top, with the pull out storage drawers. But you can guess what those are like. There is a ladder that fits perfectly in between the hot water heater and the dividing wall that we use to get up there. There you have it. I have been on a huge nesting surge lately, and I cleaned it the hell out recently, so its all pared down to only what we actually use. Ahhh, feels good. Our local Good Will is bursting with our stuff.


  1. I'm all about seeing this laundry room redo, as ours may actually be uglier than yours EVER was. Truth. You made it look like a nice extension of your kitchen, which is pretty darn great.

  2. So great!! Function + beauty = win.

  3. Gorgeous!! Where are those folding doors from?? I am living in a house with approximately ZERO closet doors right now - seriously, we just let people look at our closet crap, isn't that tacky? - and I love the look of these! (Apologies if you linked it in the post and I'm asking again like a dork.)

    1. Hey, these are from Randall Brother's hardware in Atlanta. I am sure they can be shipped. Just email them with a photo and go from there.

  4. Love it! The whole place has such bright and fresh light!

  5. Chopping block work spaces are my favorite, IKEA does it again! Such a gorgeous after. Who doesn't love a little hot urine in their laundry room?!

  6. awesome. i would come and do your laundry it's so nice.

  7. I love it. And what amazing use of space! The overhead drawers are really a killer idea. I adore the rug you wish you had in there! But reality is such a killjoy sometimes, huh? The Flor tiles look really cool, though.

  8. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

    Love what you've done. Excellent use of space. Something we Intowners always have to think about. You've inspired me to go clean out my laundry room. I have a muddy, vomiting (highly allergic) dog and have found the Dash & Albert rugs to be awesome. Not the same style as your ideal rug, but still gorgeous.

  9. Your laundry room looks amazing! I live in an apartment without a washer or dryer, so am totally drooling over this. Well done!

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  11. Those handsome Swedes have a collection of plastic rugs you can wash or hose off that come in such great striped options I've been humming and hawing for almost a year over which one I want (they cost a pretty penny for me to get shipped here to Switzerland so I have to be SURE of my choice - what I should do is just go to Sweden for the weekend).

    Check it out:

    Don't you want to live in that catalog? I never knew rug photography could be so inviting!

  12. Really well hidden laundry room - I would have guessed that was just a closet. Also, love your dog! xx

  13. I love it! Laundry room is next on my list!

  14. did you ever consider stand up comedy? I love your writing.
    your laundry room is pretty swell stuff too.

  15. Fantastic! I love organizational porn almost as much as regular old interior porn. Maybe even a little bit more...

  16. Wow. SO pretty! I love your kitchen!


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