Tuesday, February 13

Nice color combo from the Sartorialist

This photo is via The Sartorialist, which I check out every day. I love his photography, in terms of composition and his eye for color. Usually his subjects are sporting fabulously cut clothing, dense texture and shots of color and pattern here and there. This lady's ensemble could easily be translated into a room design. I see a beautiful white room with a worn rich brown leather couch and a super modern yellow chair, a marble table with opalescent goodies displayed on it and some very interesting, heavy woolen curtains in that perfect camel color. Yummy! Maybe a fur throw on the couch, not very animal friendly my room is it? Hm..still very stylish and fresh.

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  1. Might I add that thank you for discovering my blog today because I was able to look through yours!

    I love it and will be coming back - you are definitely going to be a daily read.


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