Rare Bird Vintage

So, I like Ebay right, if you can't tell...I discovered RarebirdVintage, she has many beautiful and unique vintage items and she doesn't over price them, I turn to Ebay for good deals on vintage, and it cracks me up to see so many sellers have just crap and they put some dumb hipster girl in the photo and someone pays $200 bucks for it! But there are so many great sellers who offer truly great deals, I wish you happy bidding!

Red French Horn belt, (how cute is that!) $5.99 right now with 1 day and 13 hours left.

60's wicker bag is $26 right now with 8 hours and 25 mins left.

Vintage Party Dress $11.99 right now with 6 days and 15 hours left.


  1. i can never find anything that good on ebay! nice work!

  2. wow, some cool stuff on rare bird

  3. Hi there! I am the owner of Rarebirdvintage. I happened to be browsing and found your post... Thank you so much for the positive feedback! As a token of my appreciation, everyone that shops rarebirdvintage and mentions Armas Design will receive a 15% discount for the month of March. xox!

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  5. (sorry about the delete above... I had to make a spelling change, so I deleted it so that I could correct my spelling and re-post. I hate spelling enkorektly.)

    There's some nice stuff at rarebirdvintage.com.

    I find myself saying alot, as that potential Tupperware client in Napolean Dynamite says, "I want that." I definitely need to take advantage of that 15% discount they are offering. That's really nice of them!

    Their ebay ads are very professional looking. Great clean design.

    And ohmygosh, if that isn't the most beautiful model I've ever seen!!! Holy Shnikes Batman!

  6. Oh how cool,I will most certainly let my readers know about such a generous discount! And Warpedmind, you are f.u.n.n.y.


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