Baby Crazy

So many friends of mine (and relatives) are having babies all around me, like a blue eyed, blond hair explosion of sweet baby drool and floppy-heads, and tiny little fingers! I love babies...I want to just buy all the baby stuff I see, mostly because it is so cute, but also because I want to support great designers and artists who's work I cant wear or use, because I am not a baby, you see how that works..(although O and I do think that adult strollers would be super fun, the ones with the little sleeping bag built in, those damn lucky kids, dozing off while us adults forge against the wind and cold...but I stray)
Bloesem on etsy has beautiful baby items, and a great blog as well.


  1. A lot of my designer friends have also been having babies... I've been looking for some cute, but not kitsch gifts.. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


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