Working from home

Inspired by some other interesting bloggers, I wanted to share a little bit of my workspace! My favorite chair, from Ikea, a gift for my birthday from O, I like to chill in my chair in the morning and look through my books for inspiration, and wish that the fireplace worked! (Blissen print on the mantle from Rare Device and coral from my parents, pillow from Spain that I gave to my mom but took back, sorry mom), Me and O hanging in Brooklyn, I am wearing a scarf that my mom got from Portugal, I stole it, again, sorry mom, and my desk, yahhh! A gift from O, again, thanks! And flowers for Valentine's Day. On my desk there is a little bird that I got from Blue Bell Bazaar on etsy.


  1. Hola bonita,
    veo que hablas español. Gracias por visitar mi blog. Te visitaré seguido.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Nice space Michelle. Let me know when your prints go up on etsy! :)

  3. hey michelle thanks for the comment! cool website yourself and nice scarf!! feel free to link if you want!

  4. nice photo montage! i'm glad that i discovered your blog!


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