Friday, March 9

Second Space

This brilliant UK vacation company, Vintage Vacations (run by women) is based on the idea to offer refurbished American style vintage mobile homes for rent in beautiful areas of the country. Talk about rest and relaxation, in cute style! O and I were recently talking about throwing a large party, perhaps in a lake home, over a weekend with all of our friends, and when I began looking around, I realized that almost all the rentals are just horribly appointed, I am talking real red-neck-duck-themed decor, know what I mean? Well, I am still looking for something stylish and clean and accommodating...but I digress. This idea is killer and it got me thinking, I would love one of these for all the time...imagine living in a more or less rural area and parking this bad boy (of course it could run on bio fuel if it has a diesel engine) and work out of it? I don't know, not feasible perhaps for security reasons, but dude, cool! Or perhaps if you are renovating a home and need a place to live? Perhaps I have been in the south too long, where parking a Mobile home outside your home is perfectly normal in the suburbs...


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