Hello all! My vacation was wonderful, and O popped the question while we were on our date, and of course I said YEESSSS! We are very happy and my ring is beautiful, it was my grandmother's, perfect! These adorable cake toppers are made by Ann Wood and are for sale at her killer shop. I just love these, I have always wanted a small, hand made wedding with handmade details, and these toppers are on the top of my list...jejejejejej!

By the way, I am having major Internet problems today, so postings may be sporadic.


  1. Congratulations!!!!! Yay!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Your ring is beautiful!! Congratulations!!

  3. OH MY GOD! Congratulations! I am so happy to hear from you, everything is going to be great!

    I can't wait until we can meet up and chat!

  4. Oh, I'm so excited for you. Congratulations! Enjoy this time. :)

  5. i wish there was another word to use but, CONGRATULATIONS! i'm a big fan of ann wood too; she is amazing. happy spring!

  6. How exciting for you guys! I know you'll design a beautiful wedding. Looking forward to hearing/reading about all your plans! I picture a lot of crisp white; it's the color I associate with you for some reason!! Congrats

  7. congratulations!!!! :)

    when are you two thinking of having it? i think we're waiting until next spring sometime, either april or may...

    so much fun, isn't it? :) xxp


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