Saturday, March 10

Purl Bee Breeeeeliant

What a super killer idea! I love this so much, via Purl Bee, the blog for Purl Soho...they needed a way to display some fabrics, and honestly, I could sit and stare at these, or my very own fabric swatches displayed this way, I think it would drive O a little bit crazy, he would say it is too busy, but maybe some day, in my office...a girl can dream...
Decor8 also posted this idea...


  1. i love this idea to display fabric!!! you'd think it'd be very country feeling with hoops but depending on what fabric you put in them it can be very hip and fun!! Love it!

  2. I love this idea. I think if you wanted to make the look a bit more contemporary you could spray paint the hoops a metallic silver or black.

  3. I may have to copy this! I have been planning something similar, using different wrapping papers that I love, but I think fabric might look better and the round frames are really striking. It's definitely a very cool idea.


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