Monday, October 18


This weekend was very productive. Wanna see?

First, everything has to go out of my office.

Then paint all the trim a glossy, creamy white. Remove closet door, and paint the inside of the closet grey blue, same as the hallway.

Next the rug pad goes down. Boy do I have blisters from this thing! I had to cut it with scissors, yikes. I still am not totally finished trimming it.

It was really fun laying these down. I can see the dip in our floor much more clearly now that the rug is down. It feels very soft and cozy in here now.

Ta Da. I have a nice spot for my bajillion canvases (there are more in our shed, yikes.) That window will have long drapes, soon. I want something very special, so I will show you those when they are done too.

What do you think? I think it turned out so much more blue than I realized. The puppies like it, they have wrestle mania in here now.

The view from my desk. A new piece I am working on.

I am going to install some shelves in the closet, and paint them the same color as the dark walls. You can really see my cart leaning here, we have slopey floors in this room.

You can see my unfinished edge here, I still have to cut some tiles to fit in there. And a new piece that I liked with the color theme in here now. There you have it!

I also had a rather nasty fight with a Bouncy Castle at a block party I crashed. Also, danced like it was 1998. Wanna see that too? I thought so, here you go:

I think I was doing the Liz Lemon here.


  1. the other michelleOctober 18, 2010

    I think I might HAVE a circa 1998 photo of you dancing. Or at least something equally embarrassing. Crew singlet, maybe?

  2. Oh dear, that could be pretty funny.

  3. *Love* the carpeting!

  4. The Flor floor looks great!

    P.S. I love the Claire Nereim print you have!

  5. love the flor!!! also loved seeing the progress of the room!

    omg 1998 dancing... and O is doing the robot?!

  6. Love the blue and the artwork in process. Looks like a really inspiring place to me!

  7. I love the colors in all of your paintings...delicious.

  8. Dude, you are HI-larious. When we move back to da ATL, I wanna cut a rug with you in more ways than one. You are so funny, Liz.

  9. Could be worse, you could've looked like M.C. Hammer. Not that I do, er, something.

    Also, love the floors, annnnnnd that last painting! Gorge (that's lazy-speak for gorgeous).

  10. everything about this post has me smiling ear to ear :)

  11. HA Liz Lemon I love it!!

    I've been meaning to try out flor... they have so many options.

    ... and really like all your art!

    thanks for stopping by :)



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