Paper is Lovely

Dawn found my blog, and I found her's. (or is it hers with no apostrophe? ugh, why so complicated English? you think a lot of yourself don't you, English, bah!) A classic online love story, aw how sweet. But seriously, how freaking awesome is her paper work? Totally, way tubular awesome, that's how, ain't no denying.

I want one of these little ladies in a jar! AHAHAHAH, she has a hat and a book! Where have I been? Why don't I have one? What is happening to me? Why don't you have one?......What do you do with plastic bags from the grocery? I usually recycle them, don't you think people will find them a quaint waist of resources in a couple of hundred years? I do, at least I hope so. hm.

Check out more of her amazing creations here.


  1. I think it is just "hers", but I could be wrong. :D

    I LOVE paper! These are fabulous!!! to check out her blog!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. these are ridiculously cute!!!


  3. amazingly cute! i especially love the kitchen scene.

  4. um, these are killing me. in the best possible way!

  5. thank you so much for posting about my work! so sweet! i really appreciate your kind words <3

    i hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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