Glamourai Gonna Try

Have a wonderful week-end ladies and gentlemen. I am sore as a lumberjack, and busy making things for ICE! Weee, I hope to see all of you Atlantans there, it would be killer to meet you.

Ok, layers, jewelry, puppy...I think I can do this!

Also, I am looking for an office space for lil ol me. I need a place to paint some bigg-ass canvases, and have them delivered. Last week, the courier giggled at me, on account of of my snow globe pajama pants and paint covered apron. Yup, it is time to grow up, and dress and go to work like a real woman. 

um, where can I get sunglasses like those! Hello. Now I just have to do my nails, and wear lipstick? 
Uh oh

I want to look just like this pretty lady named Kelly, who I learned about from Erin, (most stylish herself, btw, she has got me thinking about DVF dresses and over the knee boots! Shame on me!)

I am starting to think I won't be able to pull this off, she looks

Ok, this is the ONE. Seriously, could not be more perfect. I am going to carry this image around with me, so I can try to emulate her! Is it creepy how much I love her? Don't answer that.

Another day, another set of perfect jewelry and glasses. I don't think I could wear that much
jewelry, it would get in the way when I paint...and I wear glasses, but lets 
not get too caught up in reality here. 


  1. beautiful images!

    happy weekend!

  2. Love your work-and your style! Beautiful colors and designs!

  3. She seriously is one cool chick! Totally dig her style and the black and white stripes in that room look stellar!

    Happy Friday!

  4.'re right. That chick is rocking it. Blows my mind how perfectly put together she is! :)

  5. Michelle, you actually look like model-girl! You could totally work her look.

    Can't wait to see you at ICE!

  6. We might have to fight over her because since you've introduced us, I've developed a huge crush.

    I just caught up on 18 (!) missed posts... so sad to see Hillary in that wretched clippy thing. But so nice to see so much of your recent work. Love, love, love the portrait. And the commissioned work was gorgeous, too.

  7. Serious haircut inspiration here. I'm getting excited to have it all off!


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