Oh dear

Painting my porch, or rather, getting that beast ready for painting has occupied me for three days. This, however did not get by me. Ouch. I would be trying to keep my hand from reaching up and snapping that thing off her head (I had to re-type head four times, fyi).

She looks like she was fixing herself up, and turned away from the mirror before she finished.


  1. o dear indeed! yikes. (to say the least)

  2. Wow. That's truly unfortunate. Only in the privacy of my own home....and even then, maybe not.

  3. What was she thinking? Oh Hill! Not that being married to a cheater is bad enough, you have to wear that out of the house?

  4. What in the name of God was she thinking?!?

  5. There is something about Hillary owning one of those clipy things that makes me giggle. Although if I had that woman's schedule and stress I would probably say "F" it when it comes to the hair. And by "F" it I mean "fuhh get about it."

  6. What was she thinking? During the 2008 campaign her hair looked great, and I thought she'd finally figured out what looks good on her.
    Oh well. There are more important things than her hair.

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  8. Oh dear me... maybe she was just coming out of make-up, & was about to take the clip out... either way, take it off stat if you see cameras, Hil!


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