Wednesday, October 27

Totokaelo I love you

I have a plan. To dress like an adult. Hm.

Comfort in a cool way. Lets face it Michelle, that outfit will be "accessorised" by paint.

I need these pants please.

This one, I could seriously do. I need to get my butt over to the fabric store and get some amazing wool jersey in black and then drop it off at the tailor and have a l.b.d. made like this. Comfy, stretchy and just the right length (right at the knee)

Back to work!


  1. Love this...and these looks.
    So Parisian...happy painting ; )

  2. Mmmmmm that LBD is exactly what I am looking for love it!

  3. Very cute. I love all the layers, especially in that black-on-black-on-black in the first look.


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