Winter Time

How are we getting ready? New windows, going in next week, whew (thanks dad). Insulation going in next month, double whew, (thanks O) and my little office needs a rug, and an insulating rug pad under it. 

Flor to the rescue! More specifically Flor Outlet. I ordered one of each of these tiles, to compare, and after I buy the estimated 68 tiles (at 7.99 per tile) for my 13.5 square room, I will be spending around $550.

Not bad for wall to wall carpeting. Idealy, I would not have to put down carpet, but the floors are in bad shape too, there was a fireplace in here about 90 years ago, and some of the floor is black, I know nice, and has large splinters. We will fix it one day, oy I say that a lot. Then the insulating pad under it, to fit our room we need the 12x15 footer, at $235 with free shipping. Or, order a custom size at no extra charge.

Which one would you choose?


  1. I love the midnight! What colour are the walls?

  2. Kate, me too! Good point on the wall color, it is a neutral, kind of like the blogger background for comments.

  3. I'd go for Doug. Beautiful and dark.

  4. I like both options--but what are the walls painted?

    Please show us what each sample looks like in your space when they arrive!

  5. Flor is great...I've used it in a couple projects before. The only thing to watch for is that the black under-padding does sometimes stick to your floor. I had a friend who put flor down in her apartment and then two years later it had melted to her hardwood. Just a heads up!!!

  6. Carpet tiles are great idea, were renting and got some (not half as lovely as these) for next to nothing, such a good alternative, p.s I’ve posted about your paintings, hope this is ok?


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