Tuesday, October 26

Don't you think?
I did get a great haircut though, and from a man who grew up one block from where we lived in Park Slope. Small world. First good hair cut in three years. Thank you hair gods.

It is nice and windy and gloomy today, thank you weather gods. I have been nauseous for two days, on account of eating too many rice crispy squares. What can I say, I have a small obsession with them. Although not for a few years at least. Belch.

O is home from a longish trip, and I am only half way through Mad Men's second season. And I have that nice sore feeling from a good, stretchy Pilates work out. Thank you Pilates gods.


  1. No fair. You can't tell us all about your great haircut and not include a pic! And yes, life is good!

    Have a great day! xx-nelya

  2. might i ask where you went? i'm still looking for a good hair place since i left park slope!

  3. Cary, I went to Salon Red on Dekalb Ave in Atlanta :) As for Roger, (I think that was his name, I am bad with names.) Older man, 30 years experience.

  4. Isn't it nice when it seems the planets align just for you? Hope your streak continues!

  5. Thanks Michelle... I took my kids to Salon Red kids a few weeks ago, I guess I will have to try the grownup part myself:)

  6. This piece of type is my laptop wallpaper at the moment. Love it :)


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