Joy's Living room art!

 Have you seen Joy's new baby proofed living room? I was so happy to see one of my paintings in there. The colors are perfect for her space, when Emily bought it, I thought, yup! Lots of blue, just perfect for her. P.S. There are more here.

I think this space turned out great, plus I love the idea of baby proofing without uglification. I am going to look into those giant poofs right now. They are perfect! Ideal! So pretty!

The poufs are from Room Service, in LA. However, they only have the small ones online. I want the big ones! Anyone know where to get them? White Coffee Table Poufs: Morrocan Pouf, $595 each, large poufs not available on website, call for information.


  1. What a great room - love that gallery wall and I agree, your work looks so good in amongst it!

  2. I do love this room. My eyes see the couch first then go directly to your painting. Its a beauty and perfect for the room, I agree. Lovely.

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