Friday, November 9

Westlands Bangles by Kora

Loving these earthy, funky Westlands bangles by Kora over at Of a Kind today. I am supposed to be painting, but other things have distracted me to the point of well, distraction. You know those days when you can just tell you had better do "busy work" because that is all you are good for? Well, I think I may have to put down the paint brush, because when I look at the canvas this morning, I don't know what to do, and usually it comes to me.

Have a great weekend ya'll.


  1. so gorgeous!!!!

    smiles to you, lovely.


  2. G-g-g-gorgeous! I'm weird in that bangles drive me nuts when I'm working on the computer so I don't wear them much....but I'd consider these just cuz they're so so pretty :)


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