Friday, November 2

Color and Form at OKL

Check out this sale happening over at One Kings Lane! You can get super prices on canvas prints by yours truly, along with a ton of other really great artist's work on paper or canvas.

and many, many more.


  1. I love One Kings Lane - they always have the most amazing items and at great price points too!

  2. Just bought two of yours! I had a hard time deciding between the 24" and 36" size in Antonia and ended up going bigger (figuring that's always better, right?). I can't wait to hang them.

  3. Hi I am so bummed I was planning on buying one of the pieces today and the sale just ended. Do you plan to be on OneKings Lane again or is there another sale coming up? Katya

    1. Yes! There are sales quite often. Check back


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