Wednesday, March 28

Art Idea

Not only is this the sweetest gift I have ever received, but it is also just about the coolest too! This print is a copy from a beautiful painting at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. O and I went there on our very first date, and I fell in love with it. He remembered it so he called the museum and learned that they rent out special plates of all of their art works. These plates can be used at a printer to recreate the art work on a smaller scale. He took it to a printer in Atlanta and had it printed on canvas that he stretched over a frame. Now I have my very own copy of my favorite painting! Of course it can cost a pretty penny if you want a print of a very large or very well known piece, and then depending on how large you want it printed out, it could cost a bit. But for the person who knows exactly what they want, it sure is a good idea! I hope this inspires you just a little today :)


  1. how sweet!! that really is the coolest and most thoughtful gift Ive ever heard of...

  2. I just discovered your site,I found myself reading post after post, so I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy it! Will definitely be a daily read. Also, best wishes to your engagement, how exciting!

  3. This is just gorgeous! What a sweet man!

  4. wow!!! What a guy!!! that is so seriously beautiful!


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