Friday, March 16

Block Printing at Make

Last night I had so much fun taking a block printing class at Make in the East Village. I met so many great people, we gossiped and laughed and got paint all over ourselves. I highly recommend taking a class there, in fact, get on it, right now! This is my fabulous scrap fabric adorned with my favorite carrot prints, the radio active symbol is my faves :)


  1. How fun! Those look great!

  2. I know, I had so much fun too. And thanks to you I started my blog..come visit me!

  3. thanks michelle, i'm so glad you liked the class! i had fun too... your fabrics look great and i love how similar they look to the ceramic bowl below. i am in love with that; it's totally a crochet doily imprinted into the bowl and it is genius. i do a lot of printing crochet doilies onto shirts and stuff as well as actual crocheting so it is a motif i love and relate to! your blog is beautiful, now i'm gonna check out soul mama...

  4. I love where you are going with this. It is fantastic and has great character.


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