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Aregrayline Weddings

I have not shared that many photos of my wedding with you guys, at least not the really great ones taken by my photographer Erin of Aregrayline Weddings. That is coming soon :)

I looked for a long time for a photographer who would be a partner with me in creating the most beautiful images we could, and express the creative ideas I had for my own wedding. As soon as I spoke with Erin on the phone, I loved her matter of fact manner and very professional work ethic, along with a laid back "I am not mad that you forgot about our meeting and I have been sitting in this cafe for about 30 minutes waiting for you...come over now and lets chat..." attitude. Sorry Erin :) Not to mention that I just could not be happier with the stunning way she captured my wedding, I feel like I am re-living the day every time I look at the, which is often! She and her photographer husband and adorable son have recently moved from Chicago, and is taking Atlanta by storm. I had a little chat with her so you guys can get to know her a little better too, since she is our new sponsor.

1. How long have you been shooting weddings? What attracted you to the wedding industry and what do you like about it?

I have been shooting weddings since 2005 and it really was a very organic process. When you are a photographer, friends and family always sweetly ask if you can photograph their wedding, and after a while you end up with this beautiful array of images to put up on a website and from their it just kept growing and growing... I think in the beginning what attracted me to the wedding industry was being able to use photography in the way that I was most comfortable, which was in a more documentary capacity--capturing moments as they unfolded. I also loved the tradition of it and loved the little repetitive moments like when women fuss over each other, which is something that always happens. The more I shot though, I really began to love the art of portraiture and the challenges of capturing peoples personalities in a more structured yet relaxed way. Now I really try and blend the two.

2. Do you have any fun side projects you care to share with us?

My side projects are many and varied--I am also a painter and a collagist and I teach art classes to children, and lately I have been reaching outside of the realm of wedding photography to shoot editorial, fashion and product photography. I have literally begun approaching people who create beautiful, inspiring art objects and asking them to collaborate with me. The response has been very positive and I hope to make this a large part of my photography business in the future.

3. What inspires you, and how do you keep your images fresh?

I am in a constant search for inspiration and I am always looking at images, whether it be at other photographers work on the Internet, or my art books, or going to art openings. My husband is also very inspiring to me--he is also a photographer and an artist and he has a very pure way of seeing the world that is very free and unencumbered. We are always showing each other images or artists that we like. My main inspirations right now are light, color and nature--i seek them out and try and thread them into everything I do. Especially since I have moved back down south, and can be outside pretty much all the time, I find that being in nature and observing the different light that comes with each season as well as the natural color combinations that nature offers up to be my highest form of inspiration at the moment.

4. What role has the blogging community had in your style evolution or thought process as a photographer?

The blogging community has been a very new form of inspiration that I have sort of become obsessed with lately--with a capital O! I had started my blog last summer, but really didn't start delving into it until Michelle, yes, this Michelle, became a client of mine and I looked at her blog and just fell in love with it. I loved the idea of seeing the daily inspirations of highly creative people and as I searched around I just got more and more inspired by the quality of work that I saw. I would say its role in my photography has been to actually focus outside of the wedding realm more and start to focus some of my energies on product and craft objects that are beautifully styled.. Sites like Snippet and Ink, Cup of Jo, Green Wedding Shoes, etc... really bring a sophisticated color palette to the table and have made me want to have a more controlled choice of color in my photography as well.

As always, click on these photos to make them bigger.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I don't know how you found me but I am happy you did because it led me back to you. I have spent my morning coffee reading through your blog and admiring your work.
    I am charmed!

  2. Mary, I am glad I found your blog as well :) Come back and visit me.

  3. Gorgeous photos!!

    Now I'm off to peruse your blog...thanks for your comment on mine!

  4. I'm in love with the LOVE picture. All of the are gorgeous.

  5. how big can we get! thanks for visiting my blog, love yours....

  6. Ohhhh.... I L.O.V.E the picture with the sparklers! How cool. Wonder how many folks have tried to capture that one... and failed. Marvelous!

  7. Such a lovely article. I absolutely love these images - so beautiful! (that sparkler one is so sweet!) Erin's work is divine... it's such an important day - and to have the ability to capture the subtle nuances is really quite a gift.


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