Thank the lawrd its Friday!

Ok, so since it is Friday, and I have the sense of humor of...say a 14 year old boy. That is more justification that I need by the way, but anyway. Let us glory in this last day of the work week with a sublte tribute to the fart, or the human mind triumphing over that most date-ruining, giggle inducing, and lets face it, bonding-experience-making smelly friend. A brilliant company called Subte Butt has developed a most intriguing product that can be placed inside of the underwear (not the ones were were just chatting about from Victoria's Secret, but us ladies don't have that problem, so moving on...). It absorbes the smell when you "loose a doosey" so you can go unoticed, if you are quiet. You just have to replace them when you replace your undies. I learned about this from Thrillist...but I dreamped about this product for the dear men in my life long ago. 


  1. subtle butt! love it!! I have that same 14 yr old boy sens of humor!! What a hoot! Yes... if only this was the real deal for the guys in our lives. (and maybe some gals. And, I guess I'm feeling very honest right now... for me, too.)

  2. this reminds me of the "D-Pants" (diarrhea pants) sketch on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show. i laughed so hard at that..!

  3. oh my GOD! that is too too funny. do they make them for cats, too? because i seem to be having a problem in that area lately with my sweet sweet kitty...! :)


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