Thursday, February 19

Shannon Fricke

So I follow Shannon's blog and read all about her love of decorating, and her home remodel, and I just can't get enough right. So I totally loved her home in Inside Out magazine, one of Austrailia's most beautiful home decor magazines, and I told her so on her blog. And....I won an issue of the magazine that features her beautiful home. Wow, so excited. I don't even think I realized I was entering a contest, I was just in awe of her there you go. Isn't the blue just perfect. I was actually thinking of a very similar blue velvet for our couch...


  1. That blue is fabulous! As a matter of fact, I just bought some velvet remnants from an upholstery shop in that same blue. Can't wait to come up with something to make out of it. Congrats on winning!

  2. Gorgeous. Enjoy your mag!

  3. I love the nelson lamp hanging in the living room. I have one too and it is the coolest design.

  4. Simply stunning! Her house is so calm and serene--I love it!

    And isn't Inside Out the best mag? One of my blog buddies from New Zealand is sending me an issue and I can't WAIT For it to arrive

  5. Beautiful blue sofas. I follow her blog too and I love her work!


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