Wednesday, February 25

Jeana Sohn + Third Drawer Down

Oh Third Drawer Down...I ordered a few things from there a few years ago and they never came, I was super sad. If I ever got anything again, I would insist on insurance, let that be a lesson for you. That is beside the point! I want to tell you that Jeana Sohn has some lovely pillow cases there. I really dig Jeana's work, that, and I think she is a super nice lady...and her blog makes me hungry...and wish I lived in L.A...and hungry again....and.


  1. Ooh, I'm trying to find sweet pillowcases right now. I'm going to have to look into these!

  2. Oh those pillowcases are very sweet!

  3. her work is so excellent...and yes, her blog makes me hungry too!

  4. I really really love Jeana's work and blog.

    I'd love one of her eggs.

    And I love Audrey Hepburn (our Fair Lady). And I am enjoying your blog.
    And I am tagging you Ms. Michelle! :)

    ...and I hope your insomnia has improved...

  5. hi there. This is Abi from Third Drawer Down and I hate hearing your parcel never arrived. If this ever happens again, please email us as we can always do something about it. It is the way of the post. And if you have your details of your order, please email me with them and I will send a pair of Jeana Sohn pillowcases to you for free.

  6. What fun pillowcases and that photo is so clever!

  7. Abi, that you for your note, you are very sweet! I sent you and email :)


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