Tuesday, October 23

2013 Calendars!

Two things:

1. The 2013 Calendar is available now! It features my Cleopatra painting (hello sexy).

2. You can enter to win a framed Antonia print (seen here held sideways, proving that you can turn them any which way!) All you need to do is follow my facebook page, and twitter.

Ok, I lied, three things: Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to get special deals and savings. Like, say maybe 20% off of our new Giclee canvas prints (totally in the studio and ready to ship!, discount code: GICLEE1012 or 15% off of anything in the store (discount code: FIFTEEN).

But thats the last time I am sharing a discount on this blog that is intended for newsletter subscribers, so do yourself a favor and sign up here!


  1. So yeah...I follow you on facebook and even opened a twitter account just to have a chance to win that GORG painting. LOVE it!!!

  2. Done! Love the Antonia print:)Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. I did all three. Hope I'm entered!


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