Monday, October 15

Lazing around the house

We spent the whole weekend at home, and finished up a few projects around the house that we really needed to do. Like water seal our deck, and do some planning, and O even helped me make wire frames for our new website! I hope it will be ready in a few months, so excited. It has an editorial style layout (I can't stop my graphic designer brain sometimes), and have tutorials, and product images that are very beautiful, and styled. I am so excited for you guys to see it!)

I am sitting there right now. Remember my chairs? So comfy

I was kind of obsessed with Houdini when I was a kid. I got this super cool book while I was in NYC last May at the Jewish Museum.

Thats my chair, I always go right to it, it has great neck support. 

Saturday night I was just lazing around and the lights were dim, and candles lit. It was super cozy.

I noticed that I like seeing little compositions of things around the house. Furniture that seems to fit together, or the ends of rugs creating a kind of abstract on the floor when I walk around the sofa. I love seeing our cozy parlor when I walk out of the bedroom, and stacks of books all over the place. So much better than a perfectly styled, everything in it's place home, for me at least.

This rugs looks so nice in O's man cave, with it's deep green walls.
Its a gloomy day here (and the rain water is beading nicely on the deck, thankyouverymuch) all the better to get to work, and paint like crazy. I never got my things framed, I can't seem to find exactly what I am looking for. I suspect I have to dig a bit deeper. Anyone know of a top notch framer in Atlanta? (please don't say Sam Flax, I need much better frame selection than they offer.)


  1. Those are some super cool chairs in that last shot. Lazing around the house is quite a luxury sometimes, isn't it?

  2. Your home looks so cozy!

  3. Your house is really lovely; I especially love all your great rugs. I can't wait to see the new website!

  4. Thanks ladies. Lazing around the house is a whole kind of awesome as far as I am concerned. I pretty much only clean up and pretty up the place for lazing.

  5. There's a great little frame shop in the Toco Hills shopping center at LaVista & N. Druid Hills...


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