Friday, October 12

Thank the lawrdy it be Friday y'all!

Like everyone else on the internet, this image has really inspired me. Mary seems really awesome doesn't she? I mean, taste, talent, cute as a button. I admit to being insanely jealous that she gets to live in NYC, in the west village; my spiritual home. 

 I have been telling O that I want to remake our bedroom, and I already knew that I wanted to paint it white, and hang a lot of art, (we have so many walls in there! Surprisingly hard to find large walls in our home, except for the bedrooms). So anyway, I am headed to the framer this weekend with a stack of things to frame that I have been collecting over the last few months, and even something I bought in Rome 10 years ago that I just found! I can't wait to show you guys how it all turns out.

Any good recommendations on the perfect white paint? I know my friend Katie would say Decorator White by BM. Do you think it would be tricky to do some simple square moulding like that? I bet not, except I am so bad at math.

I even bought one of those tall stacky book dealies! I have been meaning to for a while now.


  1. Yep-- amazing. I mean, those lucite chairs kick serious ass and I'm all about a pink sofa!

  2. I want to be friends with anyone who has that many books (oh, and her taste, too). Looking forward to seeing all of your newly-framed artwork.

  3. Decorators White and White Dove (both by BM) are great choices! I've tried both! Decorators white has cooler undertones while White Dove is on the warmer side, but it kind of depends on the lighting in your room. Also, I've been loving on that image you posted. Gushing on the book stacks and the mantel mirror.

  4. I don't think i've ever seen chairs like that yet. Such a curious blend of classic and modern furniture replica. I like it :)

  5. The moulding is pretty easy! Even for a self-professed math failure like me. I put some up in an apartment I had once and I loved how it instantly made the room feel more special. I had to use a plastic miter box/saw combo, though, so I can only image how having better tools/having the moulding pre-cut would have made it even easier. You live, you learn. :)

  6. Jamie, you have given me confidence! I just found an old Domino that gave instructions on how to do it...I think the universe is saying "Michelle, shut up and do it already, you can add for Cripsy's sake".


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