Thursday, October 4

Digg'n Deep

I know this has a kind of spring look, but I guess I am still clinging to those happy, juicy colors I love so much. Incidentally this painting was named while I was in a car with a bunch of friends on our way to dim sum on a Sunday morning. My friend was talking about how he ate a whole bunch of chilly the weekend before, and he had to "dig deep" to finish it. Actually the story is more disgusting than that and involves a Waffle house, a rapping waiter and a chilly/gravy mixture, but lets just gloss over that.

Also, dim sum is the balls! Also, do you wear a watch? I personally can't stand them, but this one is pretty. Can you wear heels that tall? 


  1. I love that watch! I'm not a big watch person either but love that with gold trim. Its unavailable on the website though!

  2. I love this! And watches. And high heels.

    Unfortunately, watches, no matter how gorgeous, always seem to bug me when I wear them (not that it stops me from wanting them...). And I'm 5'11", so heels for me are always a love/hate relationship.

  3. I ended up finding a similar watch! Your post seriously got me hooked.

    1. Ohh! I like that one waay better. I think it looks more comfortable right? Flexi light that. So pretty!


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