Personally, I am happy that maroon is having a come back b/c it looks rather good on me. But I do have a particular memory of our maroon saturn station wagon when I was a kid, you know the fuzzy kind of dreamy memory from when you were small. Anyway, my mom is in the passengers seat, big 80's frizzy fro flapping in the wind, dad is sporting a full beard since he decided to grow one on his recent work trip to Germany and is trying to concentrate on finding a place to pull over b/c my brother and I are issuing dire warnings about how green our sister Linette is looking. I remember how strong my mom's perfume was, it permeated the car and with the Texas sun beating down, and the fumes and my tendency to get car sick...forget it, I fucking hate maroon, and station wagons...but I still like fros.


  1. Oooh I like how you're pairing your art with fashion!

  2. i needed a post like this. thanks for your humor, seriously.

  3. Love this! And I love maroon, but it will forever make me think of high school. It was our main team color: maroon, black, and white. Now I feel nostalgic, and old. :)


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