Monday, October 29


I am compiling some posts to show you guys the last bits of the remodel years we have finally (almost) completed. Anyway, I found some old images of our house! Fun times.

Our first time looking at our house. Icky paint, messed up mortar work on the brick pillars, 100 year old windows, 100 year old wood work up top, and "squirrel private entrance" as my dad liked to refer to those chewed out holes in the grill. In other words: hot.

This was the yard the first time we saw the house. Three very loud dogs live on the other side of that broken down fence. Yes that is a blue sheet metal scrap "patching" up the fence.

That awesome plywood shed has a sign on it that reads: Raw Dawg. Awesome. Actually Ed, or Sanford and Sons, as we affectionately call him, is a wonderful neighbor. I just love him.

Remember our old kitchen? It looks like this now. Also this hot mess:

Ok. Man, I feel good now that I see these pictures, I have been working my arse off on this house!
But this is the coop des grasse (really get that southern accent in there):

Just wait till you see what we did with this swamp pit. I can't wait to show you! So stay tuned.

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  1. great bones. Love your kitchen...the tile, the paint, all of it. Can't wait to see the swamp pit transformation.


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