Monday, October 29

Fuzzy Pictures

Thank you! to everyone who came out to my show on Friday (running until mid November btw). It was so cool to meet all of you, especially those of you who follow this blog. I was so embarrassed to meet you face to face, b/c naturally you know all about me.
Right at the start! Before my face started to hurt from perma-smile. Jess, your makeup is so cute! 
The gallery is super cute. I promise to show actually images as soon as I get them.

I wore my favorite Valentino (sale!) shoes all night. They have such a reasonable heel, and the cage design is comfy and easy to wear. I want to have babies with these shoes.

After the fun, a bunch of lovers went out for a super fancy dinner. That giant steak was killer for breakfast.

My cute sister.
At the moment, I just have crappy iphone pics. Still waiting on peeps to email me the goods (who knows!). Anyway, sorry Jessica that I posted an eyes closed image, but this way everyone gets to see your cute makeup.

Ok, the winner, (chosen at random!) for the Antonia Print is....
Julie DeMarco!

Email me Julie ( so we can get you your print.
Reminder that my sale ends tonight, at midnight. Spooky.


  1. Ya look good Michi! And it's okay my eyes are closed...I seem to do that all the freaking time in photos! haha. Yay for a great night!

    1. Thanks doll. I announced your text about my butt at the dinner table. Everyone loved it (especially me!) I have been doing non stop butt workouts! I bet I could crush a can between my cheeks for Christmas.

  2. You looked FAB Michelle! Oh how I wish I could have been there to meet you!


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