Monday, October 8

Girl Crush

I want to introduce you to my friend Jessica Durrant. I met her a few years ago when she became a part of a group of artists, illustrators and designers that I belong to as well. We quickly became friends, and I have had so much fun watching her star rise higher and higher. We share a fascination with art, especially painting and fashion, as well as the irresistible allure of travel, and having adventures! She is going to fulfill a lifelong dream this fall and travel to Australia, so bonkers.

Jess lives here in Atlanta, so I am super lucky to get to hang out with her a lot! She works at home, with her sweet doggy Chloe (who likes to take doggy bubble baths, for real), and her husband Morgan. As you can see, she is beautiful inside and out. Eye roll for cheezyness, I know, but its true! She is a loyal, honest and genuine friend who also tells the funniest raunchy jokes when you least expect it. I think the world is lucky to have her, and her passion for painting. Exuding positivity and sunshine, she has created her dream job and life, and I am lucky to have her ear when I need it, as well as her advice. So read on to learn a bit more about her, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.

Cherry Blossom Tree

1. Describe yourself in 5 words. 
 Goofy, daydreamer, laid back, down-to-earth, creative

3.  Your next travel venture is... 
Australia! I am so excited to go to a place that seems so utterly faraway and surreal.

4.  If you were a Disney princess, what would your story be? 
It would involve a princess establishing her self-worth not based on what others think of her. It would be the most feminist thing Disney has seen, haha!
5. Has your work always been about fashion?  
I’ve always been intensely interested in fashion as an art form. But I also love to paint landscapes and work related to my love of travel.

6. Favorite thing about being a teacher? 
When a student creates something that they are happily surprised by how good it turned out. Love those moments.
7. Someone writes a bio on you. What is the title? 
Expect the Unexpected

8. You could live off of...
Caffeine, chocolate, fashion magazines and music.
9. Everyone's got a 'hoarder' in them. What do you collect? 
Oh, that’s easy-makeup. My bathroom is dripping with makeup in every drawer.

10. When you were mini, you wanted to be....
When I was little I wanted to be like Peter Pan and never grow up. It was hard for me to imagine an adult version of myself. I was too focused on the present of being a kid. But I did know how much joy drawing brought into my life.
 11. What was your first job? 
I worked in an office for a construction company in Las Vegas. My boss was a great first boss. All he cared about was what casino buffet he was dining at next. He burped under his breath a lot!
12. What's on your wish list? 
On the hunt for a house. Ready for a backyard!

13. What do you wish someone had told you when you first started selling art online?
Make sure your art is photographed or scanned in high quality. Crummy pictures won't sell your work. Also, its only natural to make mistakes when you first start. Don't beat yourself up over them, lean from them and use it as a stepping stone to get better.

14. What is the biggest hurdle you have had, and how did you overcome it? or are overcoming it?
I think in the beginning when things wer slower, part of me questioned if this was just a silly dream that might not ever come true. You hear form everyone that you can't make a living as an artist. You have to have faith in your future and dreams. Don't give up when things get hard, or you face stuggles. Giving up is for pansies. Just go for it!

15. Describe your first really big feeling of accomplishment, like "hey, I am really doing this!" moment.
There have been a lot of sweet and happy moments, all of which I am so grateful for. Getting my art into publications I respect across the globe has been so surreal! Elle Brazil, Living ect, IN London, Country Living- it was just amazing to me that I created something in my little humble studio that people around the world were embracing and sharing. 

If you want to know more about Jessica, check out her blog. She shares her stuggles and her successes with her very disarming tone of humility and genuine personal strength with a hearty dose of funny thrown in. 


  1. Beautiful work, Jessica! I hope to meet you one day through Michelle!

  2. Thanks Carly! Michelle makes me blush, this is such a lovely post!!

  3. I love her work!!! let the pinning begin! -- really great interview, Michelle.
    (Jessica - what color polish are you wearing??) ;)

  4. Great interview, Michelle. I always love meeting a kindred spirit, and anyone who can create this kind of art, loves caffeine more than life, and puts a Steve martin quote on her blog is jake with me!

  5. Thanks ladies :) Anita-the nail polish is OPI's Trampsterdam, 2 coats ;)


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