Thursday, October 25

Lucky me!

Best friends are the best. Especially my soul sistah Jane. She sent me flowers to say she was with me in spirit this weekend, and to remind me that she loves me. I love you too Janey! Aren't they beautiful? And so on trend right now with the color scheme.

 I love getting flowers, don't you? The first time ever was for my 15th birthday, my mom had a dozen huge roses delivered on my birthday morning. I felt so special, and I think of that every time I see huge red roses. She also sent me flowers for my 21 birthday when I was living in Spain, it was an enormous arrangement full of birds of paradise. Stunning, and so sweet.

I personally just love sending flowers. I like to use a local florist to the recipient (as does Jane, she used a local florist near me). I think the best arrangements are just like this one: small and tasteful, with a striking, yet simple color scheme. I send flowers when I can't make an important event, or to celebrate something special, but unexpected is fun too. Like the time my boyfriend (a million years ago) sent me flowers at work because I had finally decided to quit that much hated job. I had to hide the note that came with it!

P.S. I hope to meet some of my internet friends tomorrow night at the opening reception for my show. I counted 55 paintings will be hanging. I am pretty sure the tradition is one shot per painting right? So who's gonna do 55 shots with me?


  1. Aww, they sure are pretty. Yay to great friends and great flowers! Enjoy your reception tomorrow!

  2. oh boy...55 shots. Love your posts so much....crack me up. Best wishes for a successful show....and a few dozen shots


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